The Standard and Free Comic Book Day

ComixTribe, the publishers of The Standard, are joining forces with Red Handed Studios to commemorate Free Comic Book Day with a special showcase comic.  Available digitally from May 7th, The ComixTribe/Red Handed Studios Free Comic Book Day Special will provide a sneak peek at what both publishers have got in store in the coming months.  I’ve had a chance to see the comic, and it’s definitely worth checking out.  It’s FREE, what do you have to lose?

The collection is headlined by an Epic/DynaGirl crossover, co-written by Tyler James and Cary Kelley, the respective creators of the two superheroes.  Epic artist Matt Zolman provides the visuals, giving us a taste of just how beautiful Tyler James’ series is going to look when it goes on sale later this year.  It’s a short, self-contained story, managing to be both hilarious and action-packed, and containing more than enough to make those who know both characters happy, and those who don’t know them into fans.  This story alone is worth checking out the FREE COMIC (I’m gonna keep on capitalising that) for.

Next up is Red Handed Studio’s offering, a solo adventure for DynaGirl.  If her team-up with Epic in the first story piques your interest, this explosive tale – with Cary Kelley’s script beautifully brought to life by artist Harold Edge and colorist Paul Little – is sure to make you a full-blown fan of the superhero single mom.  You can read new pages of DynaGirl every Tuesday and Thursday on

ComixTribe then takes centre stage, starting with a hype package for Epic by Tyler James and Matt Zolman.  There are no completed pages to make up a preview here, with Tyler instead tantalising us by laying out the clever high concept behind Epic – an awkward teenager becomes an all-powerful superhero whose one weakness is getting turned on by pretty girls – and providing us with a sizzle reel of GORGEOUS pencils from Matt Zolman.  This comic simply looks fantastic, and with Tyler James on scripting duties you know it’s going to have a cracking story to go with the visuals.  Check out Epic #0 on

Another upcoming ComixTribe title featured is one I’m very much looking forward to: Runners, by Steven Forbes.  I’ve been fortunate enough to read the scripts for the first couple of issues, and am pleased to report that the narrative provides a brilliant twist on the zombie genre.  The preview of the opening pages gives us a glimpse of the twisted tale that lies ahead, as well as a taste of the beautiful artwork by penciller Mac Radwanski and inker Vic Moya.  As good as I knew this comic was going to be, seeing the art has elevated my excitement for it to a whole other level.  Make sure you check out this Free Comic Book Day Special to see why Runners has shot up to right near the top of my “most anticipated comics” list.

I’m forgetting something?  Oh yeah, one more comic to round out ComixTribe’s lineup: The Standard!  It’s the same preview that was posted up on my Standard blog on Friday, but in luscious high resolution, with an extra page – and this one’s a doozy!  I’m excited and grateful that my comic is getting showcased alongside such a high calibre of work.

Every comic featured in this package is worth your attention.  Cary Kelley’s Red Handed Studios put out good stuff, and ComixTribe is set to make a big splash with its output this year.  The comic is FREE, so don’t forget to check it out.  The ComixTribe/Red Handed Studios Free Comic Book Day Special will be available from May 7th, and you’ll be able to buy it directly from within the next couple of weeks.

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