The Standard Nominated For Awards!

On June 18th this year, the Glasgow Comic Con will be hosting the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.  Nominees were announced last night, and amongst them The Standard has been nominated for two SICBA awards:

Best Comic/Graphic Novel:  The Standard

Best Writer:  John Lees

Nominees were selected by a panel of respected figures from the comic world, and now voting opens to the public.  From Monday 13th June to Friday 17th June, a reading room will be set up at the Mackintosh Church, Arts and Heritage Centre, where you can read all the nominated books and cast your votes.  Winners will be announced at the SICBA Awards party on Saturday 18th June, being held at the Machintosh Church, Arts and Heritage Centre from 8pm.

It is truly an honor to be nominated for an award, and I’m really happy for everyone involved in The Standard with the exposure this recognition could bring.  Thanks to all of you for helping us get this far!

Remember, The Standard #1 is now available in print to buy on IndyPlanet for $3.99:

Buy The Standard #1 from IndyPlanet.

Plus, you can still buy the comic digitally for $1.99 from these platforms:




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