coverOkay, here’s the deal.  Recently, we’ve had quite a few examples of other artists drawing characters from And Then Emily Was Gone, the new mystery horror comic written by me and drawn by Iain Laurie.  Iain has found the whole thing pretty fascinating, as he’s not used to seeing other artists with their own styles do their own takes on his characters with their quite distinctive aesthetic.  The results thus far have been wonderfully diverse, and we’re keen to see more!

So, if you’re a comic artist and you’d like to have a go at drawing a character from And Then Emily Was Gone, send your pics our way!  You can share your artwork on Twitter with me at @johnlees927 or with Iain at @IainLaurie, or you’ll find both of us on Facebook.  I’m planning to make a blog post in the near future that’s a big gallery of And Then Emily Was Gone artwork from various artists, so your work will be showcased there.  Here’s a reminder of the key characters:

Greg Hellinger.  Full profile here.

Hellinger3Fiona Tulloch.  Full profile here.

Fiona1Vin Eckland.  Full profile here.

VinEckland2Bonnie Shaw.  Full profile here.

BonnieShaw1If you’re looking for any more info, just send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Looking forward to see what you guys come up with!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is now available in comic shops across Glasgow.

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