30 Character Showcase #22: Deathface Ginny

This month marks the arrival of the 5th annual 30 Characters Challenge, the excellent event run by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James, where participants have to create a new comic character for every day of the whole month of November.  I participated in the first year, successfully completing the challenge with 30 badly-drawn characters of my own, but haven’t done it again since.  I won’t be participating this year either, but thought it might be fun to spend each day writing up a little showcase to celebrate a new comic character who showed up in comic pages for the first time this year.  Comics are one of the most highly inventive mediums around, and this has been a particularly strong year for pumping out exciting new stories packed with compelling new characters.  Let’s take a look at some of my favourites.


PrettyDeadly3Created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios

It might seem strange to include in this list a character who has thus far barely appeared in a comic story.  In Pretty Deadly #1, we experience Deathface Ginny almost entirely through other characters telling us of her story.  But that speaks volumes of the impression the character makes, even in her limited role in the opening stages of the Pretty Deadly narrative.

A big part of that is the highly striking design given to her by Emma Rios.  It was a face that popped up in backmatter ads months before the book’s release, and that alone was enough to generate real buzz about the book.  Once we get into the comic itself, though, Kelly Sue DeConnick crafts an intriguing mythology around the character, suggesting she is the daughter of Death himself, and how if you call for her, she’ll come riding on the wind.

We might not have seen a lot of Deathface Ginny thus far, but I’m keen to see more…


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