30 Character Showcase #24: Fox

This month marks the arrival of the 5th annual 30 Characters Challenge, the excellent event run by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James, where participants have to create a new comic character for every day of the whole month of November.  I participated in the first year, successfully completing the challenge with 30 badly-drawn characters of my own, but haven’t done it again since.  I won’t be participating this year either, but thought it might be fun to spend each day writing up a little showcase to celebrate a new comic character who showed up in comic pages for the first time this year.  Comics are one of the most highly inventive mediums around, and this has been a particularly strong year for pumping out exciting new stories packed with compelling new characters.  Let’s take a look at some of my favourites.

24. FOX

PrettyDeadly6Created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios

We end our weekend-long focus on Pretty Deadly with a look at one of the more enigmatic figures to appear in the first issue.  Fox is Sissy’s guardian, strikingly mismatched with his companion.  She’s a little girl, he’s a towering old man.  She sings and talks lyrically, he  speaks little.  He is blind, yet seems gifted with second sight… and perfect aim with his guns.  Based on some of the cryptic statements he makes to other characters, we can conclude that he has a fascinating backstory, and that whatever sights he saw before being struck blind were quite horrifying.

He’s an intriguing figure: protective, but too distant to really be called paternal.  He reminds me of a bit of a ronin figure, or like the hero of Lone Wolf and Cub or, of course, Zatoichi.  He’s a man of mystery, and I’m eagerly anticipating learning more!


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