This Weekend: Edinburgh Comic Con!

Hey everybody, and happy 2015!  It’s been a while since this site got updated, but now seems like a good time to get the ball rolling again, as convention season is about to start rolling again for me!

This Saturday and Sunday, 11th-12th April, at Potterrow in Bristo Square, I’ll be at Edinburgh Comic Con, tabling with my pal and co-creator of And Then Emily Was Gone, artist Iain Laurie.  This con is particularly exciting for me as it’s the first time I’ve not just exhibited at a convention, but been an invited guest.  They even have my profile up on the website and my name on the poster!  We’ll be selling copies of And Then Emily Was Gone and The Standard and doing sketching (well, Iain will be doing sketching: I’ll do a sketch if you want but it won’t be very good!) in the Lower Hall, at tables L20 and L21.

But that’s not all!  In addition to having a table at the show, Iain Laurie and I will also be taking part in a special And Then Emily Was Gone panel on Sunday at 1pm.  For anyone who has enjoyed the series, or has any questions about how it was made, this should be a fun panel you might want to check out!

Edinburgh Comic Con is the start of 2015’s convention calendar, which is currently looking like this:

Edinburgh Comic Con: 11th-12th April

Glasgow Comic Con: 4th-5th July

MCM Expo Scotland: 27th-28th September

New York Comic Con: 8th-11th October

Thought Bubble: 14th-15th November

But it all starts with Edinburgh this weekend!  So, if you plan on attending the event, do stop by and say hello!  For more information, visit their official website.


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