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John Lees is a writer best known for the award-winning, critically-acclaimed superhero comic, THE STANDARD.

Postpartum: A Special Merksay Story

They call me the Fisherman.  But I don’t fish for trout or creel or scallop.  I fish for stories.  And that is my gift, I need no bait for them to come to me.  People see me and think I … Continue reading

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Two-Face & I

Okay, let me talk a wee bit about Two-Face. Those who know me will know that The Joker has long been my favourite comics villain, one of my favourite characters in fiction. They might not know that for many years … Continue reading

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Heroes Con 2016!

I’m proud and excited to announce that one week from today, I’ll be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, having been invited to the show as a guest.  I’ve been looking forward to this all year.  For years now, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on DC Universe: Rebirth

I’ve been excited about DC Universe: Rebirth in a way I haven’t been excited in a comic in a while.  Of course, there have been new series I’ve been excited to check out, and the latest chapters in comics I … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Comics of 2015

Hello, and welcome to what will be my 6th annual countdown of my favourite comics of the year. 2015 has been another interesting year for comics. It seems to have been something of a transitional year for the Big Two, … Continue reading

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This Weekend: Glasgow Comic Con 2015!

This coming weekend at the CCA Glasgow, from Saturday 4th July to Sunday 5th July, Scotland’s comics scene will be celebrating one of the highlights of its year, with the milestone 5th Glasgow Comic Con!  I have fond memories of … Continue reading

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6 Tips For Writing Horror Comics

Last week, as part of the Kickstarter campaign for The Standard, I ran a special live streaming event exclusively for backers: a talk about the history of horror in comics. One aspect of the talk that went down particularly well … Continue reading

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