Tales from the Pool: Mr. Bum-Bum

At long last, I’m back with another scribbed recollection of my swimming misadventures.  This one is less a comic strip than a single portrait (a “splash” page if you will, oh ho ho!) of one of the more… erm… colourful characters I have encountered at my local pool.  Perhaps you’ll meet him in the changing room showers.  Or in your nightmares…


Tales from the Pool: Backstroke

It’s been a while since I did one of these…. but I warned you they wouldn’t be on anything near a regular schedule!  I’ve got a really nice response to the ones I’ve done so far, so thank you for the comments.  This strip is less an account of a single encounter as it is a recurring problem on the occasions I attempt backstroke in the pool.  I’m a bit neurotic about doing it, only doing it when I’m in a lane of my own or the pool’s empty.  But even then my nerves get the better of me!

Tales from the Pool: Torpedoed

You don’t have to have been going swimming long before you become a hardened cynic as regards the various recurring annoyances you typically encounter at your local pool.  These “pool nuisances” will surely be a feature of several of these Tales from the Pool strips in the future.  I’ve encountered this particular guy twice now.  If it happens a third time, I’m sorely tempted to just block his exit and hold him underwater.

Tales from the Pool: Funhouse Mirror

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you might be aware that I’ll periodically write about going swimming at the local leisure centre, and some of the bizarre encounters I have at the pool.  I enjoy swimming, it’s good exercise and relaxing when I get a chance to really get into it.  But sometimes the variety of pool nuisances and strange characters that also populate a community pool get in the way of that.  My experiences, ranging from the annoying to the slightly surreal, make me wonder if the left turn up the road to the leisure centre in fact takes me into some Lynchian dreamscape.

Some people have suggested I try making a webcomic out of them, so I’ve finally relented and decided to give it a go.  Now, I am absolutely NOT an artist.  I’m a writer, and as you’ll see, I stick to the writing with good reason.  But for something silly like this, I figured I’d be as well just doing my own art.  Plus, I’m not sure if anyone else wants to draw me in speedos.  I don’t propose to keep any kind of regular schedule for this, but perhaps every so often – either when reminiscing about some past oddity, or being confronted by a new one – I’ll try drawing a new edition of Tales from the Pool.  Enjoy!