After the successful debut of the launch night, and a strong run at Glasgow Comic Con, the respective first issues of my two new comics – And Then Emily Was Gone and Bad Sun – are now available to buy in select comic stores around Glasgow.  Here are the places where the comics are now available to buy:

– Forbidden Planet (168 Buchanan Street, Glasgow)

– A1 Comics (31 Parnie Street, Glasgow)

– Plan B Books (55 Parnie Street, Glasgow)

– Geek Retreat (63 Union Street, Glasgow)

These are limited edition convention-edition print runs, so if you want to get your hands on the comic sooner rather than later, you better move fast!  I hope you enjoy the comics, and as always, let me know what you think once you’ve read them!

Writer: John Lees
Artist: Iain Laurie
Letterer: Colin Bell
Nominated for 4 SICBA awards, this dark mystery tells the story of Greg Hellinger, a man who sees monsters. A former detective driven to the brink of madness by terrifying apparitions, he is tasked with finding a missing girl called Emily. Hellinger’s search takes him to a remote community in the Orkney Islands, where strange and terrible things are happening…

Writer: John Lees
Artist/Letterer: Chris Connelly
A sci-fi thriller set in a future Glasgow, BAD SUN is the story of Lenniidasz Cowan, a police officer and a member of an alien race that have taken refuge on our planet. In this first chapter, Lennii is placed in charge of a task force formed to oversee human/alien relations in the city, and must contend with both an alien terrorist group and the prejudice of his human colleagues.


AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE Profile: Hellinger

Once, Greg Hellinger was a rising star of the police Missing Persons Bureau.  Gifted with a brilliant analytical mind, Hellinger had the inate ability to find the thread left behind by people thought long gone, and track them down.  Solving a series of high-profile disappearances gained Hellinger some degree of fame and noteriety, and it seemed like his reputation and legacy was secure.

Then, five years ago, Hellinger started seeing monsters.

Plagued constantly by nightmarish apparitions that follow him wherever he goes, terrifying visions he is unable to fully comprehend, Greg has lost just about everything: his career, his family, his reputation, and even his sanity is barely intact.  Medical experts have no explanation for these visions, other than them being hallucinations caused by some unspecified massive nervous breakdown.  Now, Hellinger lives a life of seclusion, a haunted, broken man.

But one more case is waiting to be solved, Hellinger’s greatest challenge yet.  The disappearance of a 17-year-old girl called Emily Munro.  Can he solve this mystery, and in the process find answers to what is happening to him?  Or will Greg Hellinger discover that, as far as he has fallen, there are greater depths of horror and madness for him to plummet into?

Hellinger3And Then Emily Was Gone launches on Tuesday 9th July, at Geek Retreat in Glasgow.  More details here.

BAD SUN Press Gains Momentum

Last week I mentioned the SICBA award success of And Then Emily Was Gone, my comic with Iain Laurie, as it picked up 4 nominations.  This week I thought I’d provide an update on my other new in-development comic project: Bad Sun, with artist Chris Connelly.  This weekend, the two of us featured in popular Scottish newspaper the Evening Times:

EveningTimesForgive a few inaccuracies – the famed studio is in Hope Street rather than Union Street, we haven’t begun the process of pitching to anyone yet, and we have no plans on murdering Mark Millar – but it was still a real kick seeing my name and face in the paper.

Publicity for Bad Sun continues tomorrow, with Chris and I set to guest on the Big Comic Page podcast to talk more about our sci-fi thriller, the first issue of which is now off to the printers and in production, and set to be ready in time for Glasgow Comic Con on 13th-14th July.

Also, if you’re in Glasgow or nearby, you’re invited to come along to the launch night being held for both Bad Sun and And Then Emily Was Gone at Geek Retreat, in Union Street, Glasgow, from 7pm on Tuesday 9th July.  More details at the event page here.

Finally, I thought I’d wrap up this little update by sharing with you all the cover for Bad Sun #1, drawn by Chris Connelly and coloured by Ruiz Moreno.