Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #2!

Since its launch in local markets here in Glasgow back in July, the first issue of And Then Emily Was Gone has enjoyed great success.  It got nominated for 4 SICBA awards at this year’s Glasgow Comic Con, the only comic to get nominated for every category.  It has enjoyed a wealth of positive reviews:

Forbidden Planet

Big Comic Page

Broken Frontier

Comic Booked

The Off-Panel Podcast

Comics Anonymous

It’s even had some very nice testimonials from ace comics creators:

“This is a weird comic, but in a wonderful way. Best of all, it’s a comic with its own vision, a unique and bold vision.”

– Michael Moreci, Hoax Hunters, Skybreaker

“This was a wonderful, twisted little surprise. A David Lynch air throughout, it made me feel itchy and uncomfortable, which is the highest praise I can bestow. John Lees’ script is tight and mysterious, with a few curve-balls that really add to the sense of hyper-reality. The off-kilter energy. The real stand-out is Iain Lawrie on art duties. Equal parts Paul Pope, Nick Pitarra and Morgan Jeske (this reminded me frequently of Jeske and Ales Kot’s Change). Despite the content raw as a picked scab, the presentation and print quality is supremely professional. Extremely impressive. Find a copy.”

– Owen Michael Johnson, Raygun Roads

Super awesome, super creepy, super good. I really love the work of everyone involved on the book…”

– Nick Pitarra, The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing

“This book is amazing, the first issue was ultra creepy.”

– Riley Rossmo, Proof, Green Wake, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Bedlam, Drumhellar

“It’s a masterclass in comics. it’s literate and the art? The art NEVER fails to impress. You just got to find out what happens next… BONNIE SHAW? GREG HILLINGER? THE BOX? What the fuck? It’s a movie for the mind ***** FIVE STARS.”

– Shaky Kane, The Bulletproof Coffin

“…reads really well, the artwork is just fantastic, intriguing premise, quirky and atmospheric and claustrophobic as I would expect – really impressed!”

– Frank Quitely, All Star Superman, We3, Jupiter’s Legacy


And after a sellout of our first print run, artist Iain Laurie and I are restocked and ready for our next convention: Thought Bubble in Leeds, on 23rd-24th November.  But it won’t just be more of issue #1 we’ll be bringing.  Nope, issue #2 is now finished, and ready for the show.  Here’s a sneak peek of the cover, drawn by Iain and colored by the magnificent Megan Wilson:


In this second chapter, Hellinger and Fiona begin to investigate Emily’s disappearance on the island of Merksay, with its very strange locals and terrifying hidden places.  Plus, we find out what’s in the box!


coverOkay, here’s the deal.  Recently, we’ve had quite a few examples of other artists drawing characters from And Then Emily Was Gone, the new mystery horror comic written by me and drawn by Iain Laurie.  Iain has found the whole thing pretty fascinating, as he’s not used to seeing other artists with their own styles do their own takes on his characters with their quite distinctive aesthetic.  The results thus far have been wonderfully diverse, and we’re keen to see more!

So, if you’re a comic artist and you’d like to have a go at drawing a character from And Then Emily Was Gone, send your pics our way!  You can share your artwork on Twitter with me at @johnlees927 or with Iain at @IainLaurie, or you’ll find both of us on Facebook.  I’m planning to make a blog post in the near future that’s a big gallery of And Then Emily Was Gone artwork from various artists, so your work will be showcased there.  Here’s a reminder of the key characters:

Greg Hellinger.  Full profile here.

Hellinger3Fiona Tulloch.  Full profile here.

Fiona1Vin Eckland.  Full profile here.

VinEckland2Bonnie Shaw.  Full profile here.

BonnieShaw1If you’re looking for any more info, just send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Looking forward to see what you guys come up with!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is now available in comic shops across Glasgow.