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John Lees is a comic book writer based in Glasgow, Scotland.  You can find a full selection of his published credits available for sale on ComiXology.

John’s first published comic, The Standard, launched worldwide January 2013.  A deluxe hardcover collection was funded through Kickstarter in 2015.  To read the whole series online, visit thestandard.comixtribe.com.

And Then Emily Was Gone, John’s breakout comic, was released in 2014, with a Free Comic Book Day special following in 2015.  For more information, go to https://visitmerksay.wordpress.com/, or for the latest news visit the official Facebook page.

Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare was released in 2015, with a collected edition in early 2016.  For the latest updates, check out the Oxymoron’s official Facebook page.

The And Then Emily Was Gone creative team reunited for Quilte, a horror oneshot released as part of the 2016 Halloweenfest.  To read the book for free, go here.

John began 2017 by writing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #6 for IDW Publishing, working with Nick Pitarra.

John’s current project, Glasgow-based crime thriller Sink, saw him reunite with Oxymoron artist Alex Cormack and pair with letterer Shawn Lee. Sink launched in comic shops worldwide in September 2017, fast becoming John’s most successful comic.  The first volume was collected and released in 2018, and the collected second volume was released in 2019. The third volume is currently in development, set for a late 2020 launch. For more information, visit the official Facebook page, or to read the first issue for free, subscribe at sink.comixtribe.com.

Following the critical acclaim for Sink, John, paired with the team of artist Ryan Lee, colorist Doug Garbark and letterer Shawn Lee, launched the psychological thriller Mountainhead for IDW, his biggest, highest-selling creator owned release yet. Mountainhead joins a rich pedigree of horror titles from IDW, including 30 Days of Night, Locke & Key and Road of Bones.

John began 2020 with the release of Hotell, a horror anthology series drawn by Dalibor Talajić, coloured by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Sal Cipriano. It was one of four launch titles for AWA Upshot, a major new publishing company headed by former Marvel editors Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas.

John can be contacted at johnlees AT johnleescomics DOT com.

Media inquiries can be directed to John’s manager Sidney Sherman, at sidney AT rosaentertainment DOT com.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey John,

    I’ve just launched a new comic and wondered if you’d be interested in reviewing it? if so, feel free to drop me a line!


  2. Hey John, met you at GCC ans bought the standard, then my brother and I attended a GLOW meeting, you may remember. Just thought I’d leave a message without being a pest, I’ve sent you off a wee email(to the address that was on your card anyway) about a college course related thingy, and to gauge your interest in perhaps delivering a talk to the class. Hope to hear from ya soon! Cheers

  3. John, is there anywhere I can purchase a copy of And then Emily was gone #1? Been looking for it everywhere to no avail……any help is much appreciated.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I don’t know if I ever replied to this, Guy, if not, sorry. But AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #1 will be in comic shops worldwide from July!

  4. Hi John,

    Love your stuff.

    I have an anthology project, and I’m looking to work with different small press people in the UK. Do you have a contact email and I can send you details of the project, to see if you are interested.

    Many Thanks,


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