Tales from the Pool: Torpedoed

You don’t have to have been going swimming long before you become a hardened cynic as regards the various recurring annoyances you typically encounter at your local pool.  These “pool nuisances” will surely be a feature of several of these Tales from the Pool strips in the future.  I’ve encountered this particular guy twice now.  If it happens a third time, I’m sorely tempted to just block his exit and hold him underwater.

One thought on “Tales from the Pool: Torpedoed

  1. Ha ha… smug arseholes. I actually used to be able to swim a 25 meter pool underwater when I was in middle school, but those days are loooooooong gone now. The truth is, if you practice on a swim team, they drill safety into you pretty good, so I imagine that most people who have drilled enough to actually be able to swim the whole length underwater would never do it outside of swim-team practice. That would be kind of like a karate student picking fights or a fireman setting fires just to put them out…

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